Sisi Stringer Talks Mileena, Kitana and Sindel (Exclusive) | Mortal Kombat Spoilers

Sisi Stringer Talks Mileena, Kitana and Sindel (Exclusive) | Mortal Kombat Spoilers

The actress “would make a deal with the devil” to play Kitana in future films.

Sisi Stringer’s character may not have made it out of the new “Mortal Kombat” movie alive, but don’t count her out of any future films just yet.

Stringer starred as Shang Tsung’s right hand woman and fan favorite video game character Mileena in the new film — but the character was the victim of a brutal Fatality in the third act. Mileena met her match during a fight with Lewis Tan’s Cole Young. While she had the upper hand at times, Sonya Blade’s blaster arcana left a giant hole in her gut.

As Stringer pointed out when TooFab spoke with her ahead of the film’s release, the red band trailer for the movie actually gave away her fate to anyone paying close enough attention. See it at the 2:22 mark below.

“The extremely passionate fans actually pulled the screen grab that they put in the trailer of me being blasted, so most of the hardcore fans know I already probably die,” said Stringer. “But that scene was really cool because it was kind of — it wasn’t unplanned, but it was added in from the first few scripts we were working on.”

Stringer said she hadn’t done any stunt or choreography training with Tan before the scene was added. Instead, she spent a lot of time working with Jessica McNamee, as she and Sonya have a fight of their own earlier in the movie.

“I worked on that so much, for so long, and then they kind of threw in some extra choreo at the end with Lewis,” she explained. “By that time, I already learned how to learn the choreography, and Lewis says, ‘It’s a dance when you’re doing combat with someone. You have to have rhythm and it’s basically a dance,’ and I was a dancer so we actually had a fantastic rhythm together.”

“We had a really good flow, and the scenes that we learned didn’t take very long and they were quite easy to pull off,” she continued. “So I was really, really happy and kind of relieved with that because sometimes your rhythms might not match up with your fellow actor, but we really really had the chemistry there, and we learned that in a week and it turned out amazing.”

She went on to praise Tan’s abilities as a martial artist and actor, calling him “one of the most supportive people on set.” She also joked that while he’s “terribly Hollywood” compared to everyone else on the Aussie-filled set, he “could take it like a champ” whenever they tried “taking the mickey out of him.” She added, “He fits in really well in Australia.”

Mileena wasn’t the only one who died in battle, as Sub-Zero, Reptile, Kano, Reiko, Nitara, Goro, Kabal and, on the good guys’ side, Kung Lao all met Fatalities of their own.

And while Cole and Sonya took her out, there’s still a strong possibility Stringer’s time in the MK universe is far from over. In the games, Mileena was introduced as an evil, purple-clad clone of Kitana. And when it comes to clones, they really should look identical, right?

There’s a hint that Kitana already exists in the movie, as the blue-clad warrior’s trusty steel fan is seen inside Raiden’s temple. Though there’s no direct mention of her — only Johnny Cage got a true tease — the Easter Egg certainly got fans excited to see her in action going forward.

“I would get on my knees and pray for it,” said Stringer when asked whether she’d be down to return as Mileena’s sorta-sister. “I would sacrifice someone for it. I would make a deal with the devil for it. So, yeah I want it. You could say I want it.”

When we mentioned we’d love to see both of them fight each other, Stringer said “that would be so fabulous.” She added, “Yep, that’s everything I want. That is everything I want, and I really hope that it happens, and I know the fans would love that as well, so I really hope it happens.”

And while she had no ideas for who could possibly play Kitana’s mother — the hair-whipping Sindel — Stringer really hopes she pops up too.

“My god, if Sindel came in, that would be amazing. I love her. She’s iconic,” she exclaimed.

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