Rural Sectors in Brazil to Seek Aguerra for Space at the Green Card

Carlo Barbieri

Brazilian rural producers fleeing to the United StatesBy Carlo Barbieri

Rural producers in Brazil are increasingly eager for the dreamed

Green Card – a document that authorizes permanent residence in the United States, but why? Brazilian rural producers, without fanfare, but with a lot of determination are increasingly looking for information on how to obtain the Green Card via EB-5 – investment visa – in the USA.

A survey carried out but totally protected by the consultancy provided to American producers in the USA for more than 30 pipes, which should generate, in the years – the Oxford Group – in the coming years, a greater increase in demand, difficulty in exporting. information on beef, soy, and even process by the same sugar producers from rural Brazil. Second for the USA. report of the own interests- A possible change, the increase in the waiting period for the new government ame- obtaining the green card via Rican to Brazil, related to EB-5 – raising the deadline to ecological issues, current from months to 10 years.

In addition to the chance of possibly not reducing the taxation of the project by the dog against AGI congress products, it has glues, which should represent some of the reasons for a drop in prices that motivate a number of commodities that Brazil each increased production of exports to the country. rural sectors in Brazil to seek Aguerra for space at the green card. And the time for agricultural products in the world could not be more whole opportunity should intensify. Only at Oxford will we stay for years to come. The increase in demand between France, for example, December 2020 and January quotes, the signing of the 2021 agreement was 30% between Mercosur and the Union, part of this category.

European Union for a long time. Safe for themselves and their families Thus, they force that the pro families, when of agricultural possessions of America of the residence document do not enter the market in the USA, there is a European chancel and they preserve the greater ce of articulating the survival of their mi entrada de products in nifundios. The American territorial treasure. You know that there will be no world economic Canario in the city to cover the values, it stimulates even more that which would be necessary if behavior. China, the Brazilian products, for example, should dimi- example, to join

Maintaining an expansion Independent of the scenario in the last 7 months, after the river, what the producers start of the pandemic. rural Brazilians are seeing Requests for access to and looking for is the possibility of unemployment insurance fell to manage this in the USA for the third flow directly from the States than to the United States. The lowest level recovery since the US economic boom & bro, showing that the steady cut since the last job has lowered

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