Hotel Surya (Raj) Kiran Lonavala Haunted Story

Lonavla is a town and a hill station Municipal Council in Pune district in the Indian State of Maharashtra.[1] It is about 64 kilometres (40 mi) from the city of Pune and 96 kilometres (60 mi) from the city of Mumbai. It is known for its production of the hard candy chikki[2] and is also a major stop on the railway line connecting Mumbai and Pune. From the Pune suburbs, local trains are available from Pune Junction. Both the Mumbai-Pune Expressway as well as the Mumbai-Chennai highway pass through Lonavla..

Do you know the Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonavala, The Most Haunted Places in Lonavala for Ghost Experience, yes Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonavala is not a big hotel but it is famous for haunted. This hotel is surely haunted, which is confirmed by a number of paranormal experts. In this hotel ground floor’s one room, where guests have slept on the bed their bed sheets had been pulled off. There are lots of paranormal activities are seen by peoples who stay night in this room.

This room is behind the reception on the ground floor in the corner. These people who already stay in this room have gone through mental therapies and it is said that something paranormal activities goes-on inside the room during the nights. Now this haunted room has stopped being rented out to guests and visitors for this ghostly phantom. According to the visitors who stayed night in the Raj Kiran Hotel haunted room, they saw a bright blue light at their feet, strange shapes and unnatural sounds. In a number of happenings where some people almost gone mad after seeing ghostly figures in the room. One or two of them also reported about scary blue light on their feet. They had gone under psychiatric treatment after those horrible experiences to come back into daily life.

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Truth Behind Haunted Hotel in Lonavala

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